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Chapter 1- Four Quadrants of Public Relations

In the book Social Media by Regina Luttrell, public relations is shown in a new light, where multiple aspects of the job is described rather than just the result. The book goes on to say, “Practitioners work with the media to place editorials in newspapers; produce video and audio news releases; arrange radio TV, print, and social media interviews; promote websites for their organizations; and offer easy access to additional materials that complement the news stories.” p. 7. I found this chapter to be interesting in the way that it tells the reader all the different aspects to the aspect of public relations. The chapter brings to light the four quadrants: media, community, business, and government and how they intertwine each other and make each branch work effectively and efficiently.


The quadrants seem to evolve with time, as explained in the chapter. Media is the traditional outlets, which were the development over the centuries of media. Community starts to bring in the more modern technology, in which is our society today, with how it explains that “Public relations campaigns now require a great deal of effort from the public relations practitioner to support the organization’s online activities often promoted on Facebook pages, Pinterest boards, Twitter feeds with specific hash tag identifiers, videos, and photo-sharing sites.” p. 8. This chapter explains how each piece has to fit together to make the entire process to work. How the government is now a growing portion of the quadrants, to ensure that each public relations company is doing their job effectively. How the government stepped into the 1992 and 1996 elections to see how the age group of 18-25 were doing with voting. How businesses help with building the public relations in the community and the community is helping the media portray stories and gather information. The quadrants work like the government, each checking each other and making sure the other is working smoothly.

This chapter brought new light to my eyes to see what actually goes into making a 30-second segment story. To know that the public relations has to find sources, do the research, and make sure that all information that they gather from people is all accurate. It describes how many aspects of the job have to be put into place to have a productive end piece that is successful.

Luttrell, Regina. “The Four Quadrants of Public Relations.” Social Media. Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield, 2015. 3-19. Print.

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